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Continuing Education

Continuing Education . Classes

Continuing Education + Community Outreach

Business of Art

Course No. CEFD 230 00
Cost $300 Register Now
Sessions 6
Dates June 6 - July 18 (Tuesdays) – 6:308:30pm

This course is designed as a first-step towards helping the developing artist make a successful transition from creating art to presenting and promoting it. Mary Urbas will share her 35 years of experience on both sides of the business of art as a gallery owner, curator, teacher, consultant, as well as an exhibited fiber artist. Course limited to 10 students.

Cartooning 101

Course No. YAIL 100 00
Cost $225 Register Now
Sessions 10
Grades 5-9
Instructor Josh Usmani
Dates June 12- June 23 (Monday-Friday) – 9:30am - 12:00pm

Learn how to develop cartoon characters from a variety of sources. We will explore how to create cartoons beyond the character and learn a full range of techniques around this diverse genre. We will utilize lots of mediums including colored pencils, watercolor, pen and ink, and scratchboard. Group critiques and guest artists will enhance our cartooning adventure!

Create Unique Fabric

Course No. YAFM 135 00
Cost $160 Register Now
Sessions 5
Grades 5-8
Dates June 12 - June 16 (Monday-Friday) – 1:00-4:00pm

This class will give students hands-on experience in the different methods and techniques of applying image, color and other surface embellishments to fabric. The finished cloth can be incorporated into fashion accessories, your favorite new wardrobe piece, or a unique piece of art to hang in your room. Explore a wide range of ways to create pattern on fabric, using dye, paint and a mixture of printing processes. Use the silkscreen as a drawing and printing tool. Experiment with hand cut stencils, and learn how to transfer your ideas and designs onto a t-shirt, tote bag, bandana and paper. Please bring a blank t-shirt that you'd like to turn into a unique piece of art!

Creative Clay Studio

Course No. YACR 350 00
Cost $275 Register Now
Sessions 10
Grades 6-10
Dates June 12- June 23 (Monday-Friday) – 14pm

Young artists are welcome in the clay studio at Cleveland Institute of Art. Explore your imagination by creating sculpture and pottery through the use of this tactile material. You will learn the skills of hand-building and working on the potter's wheel as you develop and translate your ideas into three-dimensional works of art. You will finish off your creations with high temperature (2350° F) glazes that will be fired off in our professional level kilns. Be prepared to get messy! Please wear appropriate clothing and footwear (old t-shirts and sneakers are best; no open-toed shoes). All skill levels are welcome.

Drawing Beyond the Pencil

Course No. YAFD 215 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 10
Grades 5-8
Instructor Candice Dangerfield
Dates June 12- June 23 (Monday-Friday) – 9:30am-12:30pm

Sharpen your drawing skills and expand your artistic horizons using a variety of traditional and non-traditional materials. You will take your drawing abilities to a whole new level with projects designed to expand the application of fundamental drawing practices in new ways. We will establish the importance of keeping sketchbooks using the foundation of drawing and essential elements of visual art to practice, plan, and communicate creative ideas. What is the difference between looking and seeing? Through inspirational field trips to University Circle institutions like the Cleveland Museum of Art and class discussion, we will address this question as essential to the creative processes of the visual artist. Students of all skill levels are welcome to explore a variety of media and techniques to create artwork beyond the boundaries of what we commonly known as "drawing." This class is suitable for beginners as well as intermediate levels. Modified projects will provide repeat students a new experience every time.

Drawing for the Absolutely Terrified

Course No. CEDR 100 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Dates June 6 - August 1 (Tuesdays) – 6:00-9:00pm

Simply put, this fun course will help you learn how to draw. It facilitates the study of drawing by direct observation and problem solving through the use of still life. The drawing situations presented in each session will focus on issues of object depiction, special relationships, shape, value, line and texture. You will face a variety of drawing challenges throughout the course, and be shown how to use specific techniques to better see, understand and represent the objects in each setup. Instruction will be through demonstrations, lectures, and direct one-on-one assistance. In addition sketchbooks will be used for practice, notes and assignments between classes. Open to students in grades 10-12.

Emerging Artists

Course No. YAFD 125 00
Cost $225 Register Now
Sessions 10
Grades 6-9
Dates June 12- June 24 (Monday-Friday) – 1:00-4:00pm

A fun overview course designed to allow each student to explore a variety of media, techniques, and methods. Projects focus on introducing and developing the elements of art (line, form, color, value, texture) and principles of design (balance, variety, harmony). We will examine some of the masters in painting as well as architecture. Projects will include engraving, Picasso-style self-portraits, and Frank Lloyd Wright's prairie-style windows. Students will experiment and create Tessellation prints and we will develop personal artist statements and learn of their importance. Students will be encouraged to use their imagination to allow creativity to emerge. Understanding and appreciation of self and others through art history, culture, and heritage is emphasized. Students will have the opportunity to make personal choices about the creation of their art.

Enameling: Bezel Set Pendants

Course No. CEJM 125 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 7
Dates June 7 - July 19 (Wednesdays) – 6:00-9:00pm

Students will learn the art of enameling (fusing glass onto metal) while making a wearable pendant. Several demonstrations of enameling techniques (sifting, sgriffito, stencil, graphite, basse taille and others) will help the student to resolve his or her pendant design. Student will then learn how to bezel set the enameled shape in order to create a hanging pendant. The design process will be an important part of the class and will be discussed throughout the session. All skill levels are welcome. Supplies will be available for purchase in class. Students should wear their own eye protection, as well as close-toed shoes and natural fiber clothing.

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