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Continuing Education

Continuing Education . Classes

Continuing Education + Community Outreach

About Face: Portraits

Course No. CEPT 100 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Room 200
Dates September 22–November 10 (Tuesday) – 6:30 - 9:30pm

An exploration in the art of portraiture. Learn to open your eye and steady your hand! In this course focus on rendering skills, while also exploring creative ways to interpret personality and expression. From realistic model drawing/painting to more abstracted methods of representation, this course is great for both practice and trying new things. All levels from beginners to portraitists are welcome!

Abstract Painting

Course No. CEPT 350 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Room G305
Dates September 22–November 10 (Tuesdays) – 6:30 - 9:30pm

Abstract painting is a conscious breakaway from traditional realistic painting. A unique decision made over a century ago retains great value today. Since then, many abstract artists have made important contributions to the art world. Perhaps one of the most significant contributions was changing the public perception of what art should represent. The personal approach to art making is a newer idea within visual art history. The class introduces concepts and techniques used by masters of Abstraction. Three different artists influence the class direction. The artists for the spring session are: Vincent VanGogh, Andy Warhol, and Julian Stanczak. Ideas discussed and practiced in class include: color as subject, painting as object, and multiple process applications. In the studio, we will work together towards our goals. Two paintings are made from each artist. The first painting is small in scale, simple, and is considered a study or investigation piece. The second painting is large in scale, complex, and is considered a final or finished piece. Three large paintings are planned and made with the intention for exhibition. All of the artworks produced aim to visually emulate specific styles. Acrylic paint application and color mixing will be presented through instructor demonstrations.

Advanced Cartooning

Course No. YAIL 400
Cost $175 Register Now
Sessions 8
Grades 6-9
Room 305
Instructor Josh Usmani
Dates February 6 - March 26 (Saturdays) – 9:30am–12pm

Do you know a kid who loves comics and cartoons? In this course, we’ll examine the more technical side of cartooning – both visually and conceptually. We will explore the history of cartooning – with emphasis on Cleveland’s role in the legacy. Students will learn professional standards and practices. We will work individually and collaborate in groups. This advanced cartooning class is meant for any kids who take comics seriously.

Advanced Digital Video Production

Course No. CEVI 700 00
Cost $390 Register Now
Sessions 8
Dates September 23–November 11 (Wednesday) – 6:30-9:30pm

This course is designed to expand upon the introductory course for repeat students and more advanced individuals who want to improve their skill set or learn how to add more polish and flare to their video work. We will focus more on post production in this course. Students will gain proficiency in using Premiere, After Effects, and Speedgrade, and will have an opportunity to fine tune previous projects from the intro course or their own work. We will focus heavily on color correction and using Speedgrade to add looks and color grades to your work. We will also delve further into After Effects for students interested in motion graphics and special FX. While the course won’t focus on shooting in class, there will be opportunities to work with cameras in class as well as a day with the green screen.

Art + Affect

Course No. CEFD 200 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Dates September 22–November 10 (Tuesday) – 6 - 9pm

Art has the unique ability to affect others and create empathy through shared, yet personal, life experiences. In this course, you will begin developing symbolic imagery that is significant to you by exploring subjects that are deeply close to your heart and mind. You will learn how to combine imagery into one composition and learn techniques to assist you in translating your ideas into visual form. Conversations throughout the course will be just as significant as the artwork you create. They will help guide and support you toward your individual expression. Open to all mediums.

Art and the Museum

Course No. CEFD 160 00
Cost $325 Register Now
Sessions 8
Dates September 30 - November 14 (Saturday) – 1-4pm

Explore and work within the world class Cleveland Museum of Art and the new facilities of The Cleveland Institute of Art. We will embark on a visual odyssey from Egyptian art through the Modern masters, from sculpture to painting. Choose your own subjects as you work both in the museum galleries as well as the studios of The Cleveland Institute of Art. Examine threads that connect the past with the present and stretch them for your own inspiration, interpretation and imagination. Work in both black and white and color mediums such as graphite, conté, color and watercolor pencils. Your instructor will provide you with context, thoughts, and questions to challenge your observations. We will incorporate sharing and critiques as a means of inspiration. This course is designed for both the beginning and intermediate student.

Art Explorations

Course No. YAFD 120
Cost $175 Register Now
Sessions 8
Grades 4-6
Room 201
Instructor Stephanie Miller-Davis
Dates February 6 - March 26 (Saturdays) – 9:30am–12pm

Students will enjoy exploring endless possibilities for self-expression in many two- and three-dimensional media including drawing, painting, clay, printmaking, handmade books, sculpture, and more. We will visit the Cleveland Museum of Art where we will derive inspiration from various historical and contemporary cultural influences. We'll have fun doing different things every day!

Art Foundations for the Aspiring Superhero

Course No. YAIL 500
Cost $250 Register Now
Sessions 8
Grades 8-12
Room 306
Instructor Josh Usmani
Dates February 6 - March 26 (Saturdays) – 1–4pm

Many young artists appreciate the art they encounter and interact with on a daily basis – cartoons, comics, movies, video games, etc. Using pop culture references, our projects will introduce children and teens to the foundation of fine art – including still life, portraiture, life drawing and more. Imagine Batman as a figure drawing model or your favorite toy in a still life with objects treasured by your classmates. Students gain an understanding of composition, value, scale, color, form, perspective, basic anatomy, texture and much more while exploring and creating the worlds of superheroes. This class is perfect for students who have taken Cartooning 101 and Advanced Cartooning.

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Check out our CE Classes

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