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Cinematheque . 3/14-17: Jean de Florette, Riefenstahl's Olympia & more!

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3/14-17: Jean de Florette, Riefenstahl's Olympia & more!

03/12/13  |  Posted by Cinematheque  |  Posted in Cinematheque

1980s art house hits JEAN DE FLORETTE and MANON OF THE SPRING return to the big screen
JEAN DE FLORETTE and MANON OF THE SPRING, the French art house sensations of the 1980s, return to the big screen! Gérard Depardieu, Yves Montand, and Daniel Auteuil star in Claude Berri's moving, magnificent two-part adaptation of a novel by Marcel Pagnol (who also wrote THE WELL-DIGGER'S DAUGHTER). Set in rural Provence (in the south of France) during the 1920s, JEAN DE FLORETTE tells how a farmer (Montand) and his nephew (Auteuil) conspire to acquire a coveted piece of land—recently inherited by a hunchback tax collector (Depardieu) from the city—by damming a hidden spring and rendering the property arid and infertile.

MANON OF THE SPRING takes place ten years after the events of JEAN DE FLORETTE. The fight for a fertile piece of rural Provence continues. Most of the stars of the first film return, with the welcome addition of the luminous Emmanuelle Béart, playing Depardieu’s now-grown daughter Manon. See both movies in 35mm color & scope prints on Saturday and Sunday.

Jesse Owens co-stars in Leni Riefenstahl's OLYMPIA, PART 1
Often cited as the greatest sports film ever made, OLYMPIA is a poetic, two-part account of the 1936 Berlin Summer Olympics. It was made by the notorious but supremely talented Leni Riefenstahl (TRIUMPH OF THE WILL). OLYMPIA, PART 1: FESTIVAL OF THE NATIONS concentrates on the carrying of the Olympic torch and the lighting of the flame—and also on track and field events starring Cleveland’s Jesse Owens, whose four gold medals punctured Hitler’s notions of Aryan superiority. Catch it in 35mm on Thursday or Friday. Print this email and present it at the box office and see OLYMPIA, PART 1 for only $7 ($6 if you're a Cinematheque member). It's our Deal of the Week! (Limit two discount admissions per print-out)

Leni Riefenstahl's OLYMPIA, PART 2 features famous diving sequence
OLYMPIA, PART 2: FESTIVAL OF BEAUTY is the second part of Leni Riefenstahl’s epic documentary on the 1936 Berlin Summer Games. (See previous blurb.) It focuses on gymnastic, aquatic, equestrian, and decathlon events, as well as on sailing, rowing, and bicycling. The movie continues Riefenstahl's glorification of the human body and includes the famous, ecstatic men’s diving sequence. See it Thursday or Friday. Those who pay to see Part 1 of OLYMPIA can stay and see part 2 for only $4 more.

Vincent Price stars in zombie-movie prototype THE LAST MAN ON EARTH
Vincent Price stars in THE LAST MAN ON EARTH (1961), the first film version of Richard Matheson’s I Am Legend. Price plays a doctor who is the sole survivor of a worldwide plague and now must battle armies of the undead who want to drink his blood. This early zombie movie is often cited as the inspiration for George Romero’s NIGHT OF THE LIVING DEAD. See it on Saturday or Sunday in a 35mm scope print!

Cinematheque partners on CIFF film
The Cinematheque is proud to be an official partner of the Medical Mutual Community Engagement Program of the 37th Cleveland International Film Festival (CIFF) presented by Dollar Bank, which will take place April 3–14, 2013 at Tower City Cinemas. We are specifically partnered on Ulrich Seidl's PARADISE: LOVE, which is scheduled to screen on April 7 and 9 during this 12-day film event.

The 37th CIFF will screen 178 feature films and 164 short subject films, from 65 countries. Tickets go on sale to members only on Friday, March 15th and to the general public on Friday, March 22nd. Ticket prices for films are $12 per film for CIFF members and $14 for non-members. But if you use the Cinematheque's code CINE, you will receive $2 off the ticket price. Tickets will be available online at, by telephone (1.877.304.FILM), at the Ulmer & Berne Film Festival Box Office in the lobby of Tower City Cinemas, or by mail using the Program Guide order form. Program Guides will be available throughout the region this week. Look for them soon at the Cinematheque.

This Week

Tue., March 12, at 7:00pm
Catherine Deneuve in
Luis Bunuel's
Shown at the Capitol Theatre,
W. 65th St & Detroit Ave

Tue., March 12, at 9:00pm
Isabelle Huppert in
Shown at the Capitol Theatre,
W. 65th St & Detroit Ave

Thu., March 14, at 6:45pm
Fri., March 15, at 7:15pm
Leni Riefenstahl's

Thu., March 14, at 9:00pm
Fri., March 15, at 9:30pm
Leni Riefenstahl's

Sat., March 16, at 5:15pm
Sun., March 17, at 8:45pm
Vincent Price is

Sat., March 16, at 7:00pm
Sun., March 17, at 3:45pm
Gerard Depardieu in

Sat., March 16, at 9:20pm
Sun., March 17, at 6:30pm
Yves Montand, Daniel Auteuil

Next Week

Thu., March 21, at 6:45pm
A Tribute to George Gund III

Thu., March 21, at 8:25pm
Fri., March 22, at 7:00pm

Fri., March 22, at 9:00pm
Sun., March 24, at 6:30pm

Sat., March 23, at 5:30pm
An Evening with Sarah Kernochan

Sat., March 23, at 8:30pm
An Evening with Sarah Kernochan

Sun., March 24, at 3:30pm
A Special Event!
Christel Schmidt discusses &
Joseph Rubin accompanies

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