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Cinematheque . 5/28-29: Ran, A Town Called Panic & More!

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5/28-29: Ran, A Town Called Panic & More!

05/25/10  |  Posted by Cinematheque  |  Posted in Cinematheque

Animated A TOWN CALLED PANIC is Belgian "Toy Story" -- on acid!Three plastic toys-a cowboy, an Indian, and a horse-embark on a series of surreal, unsynopsizable adventures in A TOWN CALLED PANIC , a full-length puppetoon based on a popular Belgian TV series. The plot of this crazy movie encompasses (among other things) a mis-shipment of 50 million bricks, a journey to the center of the earth, voyages to alternate universes, and a giant robot penguin. A hit at this year's Cleveland International Film Festival, it was also the first stop-motion animated feature to be an official selection of the Cannes Film Festival. Read The New York Times' rave review and then catch the movie -- in a 35mm color and scope print -- Friday or Saturday. If your kids or grandkids don't mind subtitles -- and you don't object to their reading a few curse words -- bring them along. Children 12 & under will be admitted for the member price of $6. Energetic TO DIE FOR TANO is an Italian musical comedy about the Sicilian Mafia! Shot in one of Palermo's most mob-infested neighborhoods with an enthusiastic cast of non-professionals, Roberta Torre's Mafia musical TO DIE FOR TANO is a multiple award-winner that became a box office hit in Italy. Showstopper flashbacks recount the life of a small-time Mafioso gunned down in his butcher shop, and his four unmarried sisters. With a score by 1980s Neapolitan pop idol Nino D'Angelo that embraces everything from jazz to techno to hip-hop, this burlesque is gaudy (bad clothes and worse hair), tasteless (stereotypes abound), vulgar (dancing with dead chickens), and subversive (macho disco hit men stroke each other's chests while singing "We're the Mafia"). It's Goodfellas as community theatre: Wiseguys and Dolls. Watch a clip from this "manically entertaining" (The Village Voice) movie and then catch the whole film on Friday or Saturday. Print this post and present it at the box office and see To Die for Tano for only $6 ($5 if you're a Cinematheque member). It's our Deal of the Week! (Limit two discount admissions per print-out) Kurosawa's rendition of "King Lear" RAN returns in brand-new 35mm color print! In RAN , Akira Kurosawa's magisterial 1985 take on Shakespeare's King Lear, an elderly Japanese warlord (Tatsuya Nakadai) bequeaths his domain to his eldest son, prompting resentment in his two younger sons and sparking a devastating power struggle (and impressive battle scenes). To mark Kurosawa's centennial year and the 25th anniversary of the Ran's original release, this Japanese classic has been re-released in gorgeous new prints struck from the original camera negative. The copy the Cinematheque will show on Friday and Saturday is coming to us directly from the lab, so it's never been run through a projector! Also in honor of Kurosawa's centenary, the Criterion Collection has created a gorgeous collector's set "AK 100: 25 Films by Akira Kurosawa." For a limited time, you can purchase this DVD box set for a substantial discount and support the Cinematheque in the process. Just buy "AK 100" at, enter the code CINE at the prompt, and you'll not only save 25% off the retail price of $399.95, you'll be making a $25 contribution to the Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque! This deluxe, linen-bound set includes timeless masterpieces from one of cinema's greatest directors -- "Rashomon," "Ikiru," "Seven Samurai," "Yojimbo," "High and Low," et al. Featuring 25 of the films Kurosawa made over the course of his 50 years in movies-from samurai epics to postwar noirs to Shakespeare adaptations-"AK 100" is the most complete set of his works ever released in this country, and includes four rare films that have never been available on DVD. Once again, to take advantage of this special offer, shop at, enter the code CINE at checkout, and pay only $299.95 for the "AK" box set. Criterion will send $25 to the Cinematheque. Thanks! Thai film wins Palme d'Or at Cannes Congratulations to Thai director Apichatpong Weerasethakul, whose latest film Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives won the top prize at this year's Cannes Film Festival this past Sunday. The Cinematheque introduced Apichatpong's work to Cleveland (we showed his first film Mysterious Object at Noon in January 2002), and we have also screened his three subsequent features Blissfully Yours, Tropical Malady, and Syndromes and a Century -- most of them exclusively. The Cinematheque also introduced the work of Michael Haneke (last year's Palme d'Or winner) to Cleveland, along with many others. Catch the classics of tomorrow at the Cinematheque today! Our 2009-2010 fiscal year ends next month; have you donated yet? If you have not yet done so, please consider making a tax deductible contribution to the Cinematheque before the end of our fiscal year next month. Ticket and membership sales no longer cover all of our expenses, so we look to our fans to help make up the difference. To give, simply click on the "Make a Gift" link at the right above. Or call us with a credit card number at 216-421-7450. Or mail a check to Cleveland Institute of Art Cinematheque, 11141 East Boulevard, Cleveland, OH, 44106. Give whatever you can afford, or whatever you think we're worth. Any gift will be greatly appreciated. Thanks! This Week's Films Fri, May 28, at 5:30 pm Sat., May 29, at 9:45 pm A TOWN CALLED PANIC Fri, May 28, at 7:05 pm Sat., May 29, at 5:10 pm TO DIE FOR TANO Fri., May 28, at 8:40 pm Sat., May 29, at 6:45 pm RAN No films Thu. or Sun. Next Week's Films Fri., June 4, at 5:30 pm Sat., June 5, at 5:30 pm NOBODY'S PERFECT Fri., June 4, at 7:05 pm Sat., June 5, at 9:05 pm RECOLLECTIONS OF THE YELLOW HOUSE Fri., June 4, at 9:30 pm Sat., June 5, at 7:05 pm LOURDES Mon., June 7, at 6:45 pm A PROPHET No films Thu. or Sun. The Cinematheque The Cleveland Institute of Art 11141 East Boulevard Cleveland, OH 44106 Phone: (216) 421-7450

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