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Blog . 7/24-25: Last Tango, Last Waltz, Last Movie & more!


7/24-25: Last Tango, Last Waltz, Last Movie & more!

07/21/15  |  Posted by Cinematheque  |  Posted in Cinematheque

Marlon Brando stars in Bertolucci's 1972 erotic classic LAST TANGO IN PARIS
In Bernardo Bertolucci's 1972 erotic masterpiece LAST TANGO IN PARIS, a guilt-ridden and grief-stricken American expatriate (Marlon Brando) enters into a carnal, “no questions asked” relationship with a young French woman (Maria Schneider) whom he meets by chance one day. This notorious, controversial classic is also a stunning piece of cinema, shot by the great Vittorio Storaro (The Conformist, Apocalypse Now). No one under 18 will be admitted when we show it in 35mm Saturday at 6:50pm. Special admission is $10; Cinematheque members and those age 25 & under $8.

THE NEVERENDING STORY, from maker of "Das Boot," is a beloved cult fantasy
1984's THE NEVERENDING STORY was Wolfgang Petersen’s follow-up to Das Boot. In its day, it was the most expensive film made outside the U.S. or the USSR. The movie is an elaborate, special effects laden fantasy in which a neglected, bullied schoolboy enters into a book’s imaginative universe—where he must help save the world of Fantasia from a destructive force known as “The Nothing.” See this English-language cult movie, in 35mm, Friday at 7:00pm. Special admission is $10; Cinematheque members and those age 25 & under $8. Watch the trailer here.

Preston Sturges' SULLIVAN'S TRAVELS blends comedy and social comment
SULLIVAN’S TRAVELS (1941) is one of Preston Sturges’ greatest films. In it, a successful Hollywood movie director (Joel McCrea), tired of making fluff, decides to try his hand at a Serious Film. (The title of his proposed movie may sound familiar: O Brother, Where Art Thou?) To learn about life and poverty, the helmer goes on the road disguised as a hobo. Veronica Lake co-stars in this comedy classic which will show from 35mm on Saturday at 5:00pm. Special admission is $10; Cinematheque members and those age 25 & under $8.

Scorsese's THE LAST WALTZ is all-star, music-filled valedictory for The Band
THE LAST WALTZ (1978) remains one of the greatest rock docs ever made. Impeccably filmed by director Martin Scorsese, the film captures the farewell concert of The Band (Rick Danko, Levon Helm, Garth Hudson, Richard Manuel, Robbie Robertson) in 1976 San Francisco. They are joined on stage by Bob Dylan, Neil Young, Joni Mitchell, Van Morrison, Eric Clapton, Neil Diamond, Emmylou Harris, The Staple Singers, Ringo Starr, Muddy Waters, and others. It was shot on 35mm and will be shown that way on Friday at 9:00pm. Special admission is $10; Cinematheque members and those age 25 & under $8. But print this page and present it at the box office and pay only $8 ($7 if you're a Cinematheque member). It's our Deal of the Week! (Limit two discount admissions per print out) Here's the trailer.

Dennis Hopper's THE LAST MOVIE is the next to last movie showing in Aitken Auditorium
THE LAST MOVIE, Dennis Hopper’s 1971 follow-up to his hugely successful directorial debut Easy Rider, was a self-indulgent, over ambitious, drug-addled, critically drubbed box office flop. (It prompted Hopper's self-imposed exile from Hollywood for almost ten years.) Yet it remains a fascinating failure that has never been released to DVD or Blu-ray. Hopper plays a stuntman on a Hollywood film crew shooting a Western in the Peruvian Andes. When the movie wraps, Hopper decides to stay behind and live with the local peasants, who start imitating the Americans by shooting their own movie with fake cameras (made out of wood) but real violence. Peter Fonda, Julie Adams, Sylvia Miles, Kris Kristofferson, and Sam Fuller (among others) star in this rarity that will be shown Saturday at 9:20 pm in a 35mm color print from the Film Archive of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences in Hollywood. Special admission is $12; members, CIA I.D. holders, and those age 25 & under $9. No passes, twofers, or radio winners will be honored or accepted. Special thanks to The Hopper Art Trust (Taylor Livingston) and the Academy Film Archive (Cassie Blake).

This Weekend

Fri., July 24, at 7:00pm
Wolfgang Petersen's
classic cult fantasy

Fri., July 24, at 9:00pm
The Band & Bob Dylan
in Martin Scorsese's

Sat., July 25, at 5:00pm
Preston Sturges' comedy

Sat., July 25, at 6:50pm
Marlon Brando in
Bernardo Bertolucci's
No one under 18 admitted!

Sat., July 25, at 9:20pm
Dennis Hopper's ultra-rare
35mm archive print!

Next Week

Thu., July 30, at 7:00pm
The last picture show in Aitken Auditorium
Cinematheque slide-show at 6:30pm


Sat., Aug. 1, at 7:00pm
Lumiere: the Gala Grand Opening of the Peter B. Lewis Theater, 11610 Euclid Ave.
$100 (sold out)

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