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Blog . 5/29-30: Birth of a Nation, Farewell to Arms, Flowers of Shanghai & more!


5/29-30: Birth of a Nation, Farewell to Arms, Flowers of Shanghai & more!

05/28/15  |  Posted by Cinematheque  |  Posted in Cinematheque

D.W. Griffith's controversial Civil War epic THE BIRTH OF A NATION receives 100th anniversary screening
“History writ with lightning” is what President Woodrow Wilson allegedly called D.W. Griffith’s galvanizing, silent Civil War epic THE BIRTH OF A NATION, which follows the members of two families—one pro-Union, the other pro-Confederacy—during the war and Reconstruction. “Lightning” is an apt description because the film consolidated all the artistic advances of the young movie medium into one sweeping, electrifying showcase. But its claims as “history” are dubious at best. Based on Thomas Dixon’s novel The Clansman, this notorious movie, hugely controversial even when first released, is undeniably racist in its depiction of African Americans and portrays the Ku Klux Klan as a defender of law and order. Dr. Robert S. Shelton, Associate Professor of History at Cleveland State University and an expert on slavery, the Civil War, and Reconstruction, will introduce the film on Friday at 7 pm and put it into its proper context. Lillian Gish, Mae Marsh, and Henry B. Walthall co-star in this divisive work that marks its centenary this year. It will be shown in a new digital restoration in color-tinted b&w and with a new music score. Special admission is $11; members, CIA I.D. holders, and those age 25 & under $9; no passes, twofers, or radio winners will be honored or accepted.

Hou's exquisite 1998 masterpiece FLOWERS OF SHANGHAI shows in brand new 35mm color print
Last weekend Taiwan's Hou Hsiao-hsien won the Best Director prize at Cannes for his new feature The Assassin. On Saturday at 6:50pm you can see a 17-year-old Hou movie that many called the best film of 1998. FLOWERS OF SHANGHAI focuses on the denizens of an upper-class brothel in turn-of-the-last-century Shanghai. Bathed in golden light and fluidly shot in the brothel’s interiors, this serene, haunting portrait perfectly captures the lonely, obsessive, enclosed lives of five elegant “flower girls” and their regular patrons. Tony Leung stars in this work that critic Phillip Lopate calls “(a) visually ravishing masterpiece… of the most beautiful films ever made.” We will show a brand new 35mm print struck from the original negative. Special admission is $12; members and CIA I.D. holders $9. No passes, twofers, or radio winners will be honored and there will be no second film discount.

Gary Cooper and Helen Hayes star in WWI love story A FAREWELL TO ARMS
Neglected American master Frank Borzage, whose 1933 romanceMan’s Castle proved an audience favorite when we showed it in February, also directed a Pre-Code version of A FAREWELL TO ARMS. Based on Hemingway’s famous novel, it charts the love between an ambulance driver (Gary Cooper) and an English nurse (Helen Hayes) in Italy during WWI. This Oscar-winning 1932 classic saw its original ending changed for the U.S. release. Then in 1938 it was reissued shorn of 11 more minutes. However, on Saturday at 5pm we will show an HD version of the original movie that Borzage intended.

Longtime Roger Corman fixture Dick Miller is profiled in THAT GUY DICK MILLER
You may not know the name, but Dick Miller’s face will be instantly recognizable to most movie buffs. Miller’s handsome-goofy presence enlivened numerous Roger Corman cheapies during the 1950s and 1960s (most notably The Little Shop of Horrors and A Bucket of Blood) and he has also been a fixture in most of the films by Corman alum Joe Dante. (He’s also worked with Scorsese, Spielberg, and James Cameron during his 50-year career.) In the new documentary THAT GUY DICK MILLER this veteran character actor who has played over 170 roles (five of them were Walter Paisley) gets his own movie full of interviews and fun film clips. calls it "wildly entertaining.". Catch its exclusive Cleveland premiere at 9:05pm Saturday. Print this email and present it at the box office and pay only $7 ($6 if you're a Cinematheque member). It's our Deal of the Week! (Limit two discount admissions per print-out) Here's the trailer.

This Weekend

Fri., May 29, at 7:00pm
New Digital Restoration!
100th Anniversary!
Dr. Rob Shelton introduces

D.W. Griffith's

Sat., May 30, at 5:00pm
Gary Cooper in
Frank Borzage's

Sat., May 30, at 6:50pm
Hou Hsiao-hsien masterpiece
New 35mm color print!

Sat., May 30, at 9:05pm
Character actor Dick Miller in

Next Week

Fri., June 5, at 7:00pm

Fri., June 5, at 8:45 pm

Sat., June 6, at 5:00pm

Sat., June 6,, at 6:35pm

Sat., June 6, at 8:20pm

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