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Blog . CIA Digital Painting Club


CIA Digital Painting Club

11/19/14  |  Posted by Zachary James  |  Posted in Digital Creativity

Looking for a club to join? The CIA Digital Painting Club is a great club for those who are interested in Animation, Illustration, or even Game Design. The Digital Painting Club is open to all students and majors, and no previous experience in Photoshop/Illustrator/etc. is necessary before joining! All you’ve got to do is stop on by and see what we do!

What Is The Digital Painting Club?

The Digital Painting Club is a club to socialize, promote, and learn about digital painting. We hold bi-weekly meetings in room 318 in the JMC on Fridays at 5:00pm.

Meetings will feature a guest speaker, lecture, or activity that will cover bits of the animation/illustration/game design industry while providing social, recreational, and professional opportunities for students.

Sometimes we have “studio days” where members come to room 318 in the JMC and we hang out and do homework together. This is a valuable resource because many of our members are extremely skilled artists who are willing to help with questions or even critique your work for you!

What’s Happened, and What’s To Come

The Digital Painting Club has already had two guest artists from the industry give art demos for the club. Artists Brent Hollowell and Hueala Teodor gave interesting and insightful tutorials on character/creature design, landscape illustration, isometric game art, and more! At the end of the demos there is usually enough time for members to ask questions and talk to the artists themselves.

We have a few other artists in mind to have Skype demos with and we are also planning on having a student demo of how to create a 2D landscape with the help of 3D modeling programs.

(Also we have eaten doughnuts – Doughnuts not available in all areas)

CIA Holiday Sale

We are purchasing a table for the annual CIA Holiday Sale! Our table is approximately 6’x3’. If you are a member of the club, want to be a member, or just want to support the club; you are able to submit art pieces to be sold at our table with NO submission entry fee.

If you submit your work to the club, please note that the money will go to funding the club, and if you wish to sell artwork for personal profit, one must purchase their own table or contact Helen Su or Anthony Zayas for more details.



If you must buy, reproduce, or print your art to be sold, the club will reimburse artists for the cost of the product. If the item you wish to sell is small enough (like a sticker or other tiny art piece) the artist may have one for free. Also, artists in the club may display their business cards at the table – though the club will not reimburse for business cards.

November 21st will be the last day to submit artwork and final products to the club.

If you want to make new art pieces, some ideas the club has in mind are:

  • Holiday themed images (Maybe cards, postcards, etc.)
  • Buttons
  • Stickers
  • Prints
  • Vinyl’s
  • 3D printed models
  • Printed Cups
  • T-Shirts (This would be cool)
  • Book covers/sleeves
  • Bookmarks

The Holiday Sale is open to the public, so it is not just students, staff, and faculty who will see/purchase this work!

If you are at all interested in the club, or helping us with the Holiday Art Sale, please stop by on Friday, November 22nd for our next meeting or email Helen and Anthony.

Happy Arting!

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