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Blog . 10/17-22: A Clockwork Orange, Godard's Le Petit Solidat, two late additions & more!


10/17-22: A Clockwork Orange, Godard's Le Petit Solidat, two late additions & more!

10/15/13  |  Posted by Cinematheque  |  Posted in Cinematheque

Chantal Akerman cancels personal appearance, but her acclaimed ALMAYER'S FOLLY will still show on Sat.
Belgian filmmaker Chantal Akerman has been forced to cancel her appearance this coming Saturday, but we will still show her most recent film ALMAYER'S FOLLY (2011), which had the third highest overall score of 2012 (92 out of 100)! Based on Joseph Conrad’s first novel (but updated by many decades), this hypnotic, dreamy movie tells of a brooding European treasure hunter living in the lush jungles of Southeast Asia who tries to reconnect with his estranged, embittered mixed-race daughter, now grown, when she returns home after being educated in Europe. Time Out New York awarded ALMAYER'S FOLLY five stars (its highest rating), calling it "uniquely enthralling.” See it now for regular Cinematheque admission prices ($9, $7, $6). No passes, twofers, or radio winners.

Audrey Tautou stars in lavish THÉRÈSE
Audrey Tautou (AMELIE) stars in THÉRÈSE, the final film by veteran French helmer Claude Miller (GARDE A VUE, A SECRET, THE ACCOMPANIST), who died last year. Based on François Mauriac's novel THÉRÈSE DESQUEYROUX , it's a lavish costume drama about a young bride, living a life of luxury on a provincial estate in southwest France during the 1920s, who grows restless and unhappy when she gleans that her unsatisfying marriage lacks the passion that propels other relationships. This was one of the Closing Night presentations at this year's Cleveland Int'l Film Festival. See it in a 35mm color & scope print on Saturday or Sunday. Watch the trailer here.

Miyazaki series continues with magical fantasy HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE
In Hayao Miyazaki’s magical 2004 Japanese animated feature HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE, a teenage girl who is transformed by a witch into a wrinkled old woman seeks out the wizard Howl to lift the spell. She takes refuge in Howl’s magical, shape-shifting, ambulatory castle, which proves to be a doorway to an assortment of fantastical alternate realities. On Thursday and Friday we will show a 35mm print of this film's English-language version, featuring voices by Emily Mortimer, Christian Bale, Jean Simmons, Blythe Danner, Lauren Bacall, et al. Print this email and present it at the box office and see HOWL'S MOVING CASTLE for only $7 ($6 if you're a Cinematheque member). It's our Deal of the Week! (Limit two discount admissions per print-out)

Anna Karina stars in Jean-Luc Godard's once-banned LE PETIT SOLDAT
Anna Karina made her Jean-Luc Godard debut in LE PETIT SOLDAT (THE LITTLE SOLDIER), the director's second feature (following BREATHLESS). This 1960 movie was initially banned in France (it referenced the nation’s contentious Algerian War), so when it finally opened in 1963, it appeared to be Godard’s fourth film. Michel Subor portrays a French deserter in Geneva named Bruno Forestier (also the name of the character he would play in Claire Denis' BEAU TRAVAIL 39 years later) who agrees to kill a top FLN (Algerian Liberation Front) official in order to prove his loyalty to France. Karina (who became Mrs. Godard in 1961) plays an FLN sympathizer with whom Forestier falls in love. See it in a new 35mm print on Thursday or Friday. This re-release has an overall score of 97 (on a 100-point scale)! Watch the Godardian trailer here.

A CLOCKWORK ORANGE kicks off the Cleveland Orchestra's Beethoven/Shostakovich festival
Teenage thugs terrorize London in Stanley Kubrick’s 1971 classic A CLOCKWORK ORANGE, a nasty but aurally and visually dazzling futuristic tale. This sardonic portrait of human nature, freedom, and “civilized” society was based on Anthony Burgess’ novel, and stars Malcolm McDowell. Adults can see it in 35mm next Tuesday, October 22, at 7 pm in Aitken Auditorium. Cinematheque Director John Ewing will introduce the film, which is being shown as part of The Cleveland Orchestra’s festival “Fate and Freedom: Music of Beethoven and Shostakovich,” 10/22-26 at the Cinematheque, the Cleveland Museum of Art, and Severance Hall.

Astronauts look for life on moon of Jupiter in thrilling, realistic EUROPA REPORT
In the “staggeringly beautiful” (Film Comment) new sci-fi thriller EUROPA REPORT, video recordings from cameras on board a spaceship headed for Jupiter are scoured for clues that might explain what happened to the six male and female astronauts on this ill-fated international mission. Did they actually find life on Europa, the planet’s fourth moon, as they set out to do? Embeth Davidtz, Michael Nyqvist (the Swedish GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO), and Anamaria Marinca (4 MONTHS, 3 WEEKS, AND 2 DAYS) star in this acclaimed outer space drama that has its own kind of gravity. See this late addition to our October schedule on Saturday or Sunday. Here's the trailer, which should grab you.

Just-released White House Super-8 movies paint revealing portrait of OUR NIXON
The new film OUR NIXON offers a fresh, intimate, eye-opening look at the Nixon presidency. Penny Lane's movie is culled from 500 reels of never-before-seen Super 8 color “home movies” shot by high-level White House staffers (including convicted Watergate conspirators H. R. Haldeman and John Ehrlichman) between 1969 and 1973. Accompanying the footage are choice audio tracks from TV interviews and secret White House tapes. You’ve never seen the Oval Office, Tricia’s wedding, Nixon’s trip to China (and much more) like this! Variety calls it "a brisk, eye-opening documentary about the Nixon White House as seen from the inside…A must-see for anyone interested in Americana.” Catch the Cleveland premiere of this late addition to our schedule on Sunday at 6:30 pm. Here's the trailer.

This Week:

Special Offsite Event!
Tue., Oct. 14, at 7:00pm
Ulrich Seidl's
Shown at the Capitol Theatre,
W. 65th & Detroit
Tickets $10/$8/$7.
18 & over only!

Thu., Oct. 17, at 6:45pm
Fri., Oct. 18, at 9:35pm
Anna Karina in
Jean-Luc Godard's

Thu., Oct. 17, at 8:35pm
Fri., Oct. 18, at 7:15pm
Hayao Miyazaki's
English-language version

Sat., Oct. 19, at 5:15pm
Sun., Oct. 20, at 4:00pm
Audrey Tautou in

Sat., Oct. 19, at 7:30pm
Chantal Akerman's
Chantal Akerman will not appear in person, as previously announced.
Tickets now $9/$7/$6

Sat., Oct. 19, at 9:55pm &
Sun., Oct. 20, at 8:15pm
New sci-fi thriller

Sun., Oct. 20, at 6:30pm
Presidential "home movies"

Tue., Oct. 22, at 7:00pm
Kickoff event for the Cleveland Orchestra's Beethoven and Shostakovich Festival "Fate & Freedom"
Stanley Kubrick's
Introduced by John Ewing

Next Week:

Fri., Oct. 25, at 7:00pm
Sat., Oct. 26, at 5:00pm

Fri., Oct. 25, at 9:25pm
Sun., Oct. 27, at 3:30pm

Sat., Oct. 26, at 7:25pm
Sun., Oct. 27, at 8:50pm

Sat., Oct. 26, at 9:40pm
Sun., Oct. 27, at 6:30pm

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