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Blog . 5/16-21: Caesar Must Die, The Kid With a Bike, Haneke, Ozu & more!


5/16-21: Caesar Must Die, The Kid With a Bike, Haneke, Ozu & more!

05/14/13  |  Posted by Cinematheque  |  Posted in Cinematheque

Taviani brothers return with much-lauded docudrama CAESAR MUST DIE
Paolo and Vittorio Taviani's CAESAR MUST DIE is a fluid, potent blend of realism and theatricality in which actual inmates at a Rome high-security prison prepare for a public performance of Shakespeare’s Julius Caesar. This new film from the Italian brothers who directed PADRE PADRONE and THE NIGHT OF THE SHOOTING STARS won the Golden Bear (top prize) at the 2012 Berlin Film Festival and the David di Donatello Award (Italy’s Oscar) for Best Film of 2012. It was also shown in this year’s Cleveland Int’l Film Festival. See it on Saturday or Sunday.

Hairdresser rescues THE KID WITH A BIKE after his father forsakes him
With an overall score of 87 out of 100 and a 96% “fresh” rating on Rotten Tomatoes, Jean-Pierre and Luc Dardenne's THE KID WITH A BIKE is one of the most acclaimed movies of the past year. It’s a deeply moving story of an impoverished, heartbroken 11-year-old boy who is abandoned by his father but taken in by a kind hairdresser (the luminous Cécile de France) who tries to tame his tempestuous behavior. This Belgian movie, which won the Grand Prix at the Cannes Film Festival, is being shown on Thursday and Friday as part of Cleveland Bike Week 2013; bring your bike helmet to the box office and pay only $7.

China's Cultural Revolution recalled in semi-autobiographical 11 FLOWERS
Wang Xiaoshuai's 2011 Chinese film 11 FLOWERS is a semi-autobiographical coming-of-age drama set during the waning days of China’s Cultural Revolution. A young rural boy befriends an accused murderer hiding in the woods. The Hollywood Reporter calls this new movie from the director of BEIJING BICYCLE "[a] bittersweet evocation of Chinese provincial life during the repressive ‘70s." It says it is "reminiscent of film adaptations of Marcel Pagnol’s novels" and "reassuringly humanist.” Catch its exclusive Cleveland premiere on Saturday or Sunday. Here's the trailer.

Ozu series continues with EARLY SPRING
In Yasujiro Ozu's EARLY SPRING (1956), a Japanese salaryman who's bored with his job and his wife has a brief fling with the office flirt. This prompts his wife to walk out on him. The great Chishu Ryu stars in this domestic drama that is told in Ozu's unique minimalist style. See it in 35mm on Saturday or Sunday.

Haneke's first film THE SEVENTH CONTINENT remains one of his very best
Michael Haneke’s universally acclaimed film AMOUR (shown last weekend) probably has more in common with his haunting first feature THE SEVENTH CONTINENT (1989) than with any of his others. (Both take place within the confines of one domicile, for starters.) THE SEVENTH CONTINENT focuses on an upper middle class Austrian family with all the modern conveniences that finds itself pathologically bored with life, so takes drastic measures. It's an icy, elegant critique of sterile consumer culture and an unshakeable work of pure cinema. Adults should not miss it on Thursday or Friday. In fact, print this and present it at the box office and pay only $7 ($6 if you're a Cinematheque member). It's our Deal of the Week! (Limit two discount admissions per print-out).

Cinematheque presents fishing-boat epic LEVIATHAN at the Capitol
Life aboard a New England commercial fishing vessel on the roiling sea is vividly, indelibly captured in LEVIATHAN, an engulfing new film from the makers of the sheep-herding Western SWEETGRASS. LEVIATHAN is one of the most acclaimed and visceral films of the year, so needs to be seen and experienced on a big screen. And it will be -- next Tuesday night at the Capitol Theatre, 1390 W. 65th St. at Detroit Ave. No passes, twofers, or radio winners and no Cleveland Cinemas passes or discounts will be honored. $9 tickets can be purchased in advance at Watch the trailer here.

This Week

Thu., May 16, at 6:45pm
Fri., May 17, at 9:20pm
Michael Haneke's

Thu., May 16 at 8:50pm
Fri., May 17, at 7:30pm
The Dardenne brothers'

Sat., May 18, at 5:00pm
Sun., May 19, at 8:40pm
Yasujiro Ozu's

Sat., May 18, at 7:45pm
Sun., May 19, at 4:30pm
The Taviani brothers'

Sat., May 18, at 9:20pm
Sun., May 19, at 6:30pm
Chinese coming-of-age film

Tue., May 21, at 7:00pm
Special Offsite Event!
The Cinematheque at the Capitol Theatre

Life aboard New English fishing ship

Next Week

Fri., May 24, at 5:30pm
Sat., May 25, at 7:40pm

Fri., May 24, at 7:25pm
Sat., May 25, at 9:35pm

Fri., May 24, at 9:35pm
Sat, May 25, at 5:00pm

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