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Blog . 12/13-15: Compliance, Rare Exports & more!


12/13-15: Compliance, Rare Exports & more!

12/11/12  |  Posted by Cinematheque  |  Posted in Cinematheque

Film producer Tyler Davidson to appear in person with new drama COMPLIANCE
In Craig Zobel's acclaimed new indie drama COMPLIANCE, an attractive young woman working at an Ohio fast-food restaurant is accused of theft by a policeman on the phone. She is detained, strip-searched, humiliated, and violated in the restaurant’s back room by her boss, fellow employees, and one outsider—all of them following spoken orders from this unseen cop. Based on a true case, this disturbing account of how ordinary people kowtow to authority was co-produced by Cleveland’s Tyler Davidson (TAKE SHELTER) who will introduce the movie on Thursday and Friday, and also answer audience questions after Thursday's show. COMPLIANCE, one of the most acclaimed American films of 2012, was just named one of the ten best independent films of the year by the National Board of Review, who also awarded Ann Dowd their "Best Supporting Actress" prize.

Oscar winners Marion Cotillard & Jean Dujardin head all-star cast in French drama LITTLE WHITE LIES
Marion Cotillard (LA VIE EN ROSE), François Cluzet (THE INTOUCHABLES), and Jean Dujardin (THE ARTIST) star in LITTLE WHITE LIES, the new film from the director of the hit French thriller TELL NO ONE, Guillaume Canet. It’s a seriocomic drama about a group of attractive, successful Paris friends with assorted personal/interpersonal problems who embark on their annual beach vacation in the south of France—despite the conscience-pricking fact that one member of their group lies injured in a hospital back home. Catch its exclusive Cleveland premiere on Friday or Saturday.

Santa Claus is coming to town--and he's pissed--in Finnish RARE EXPORTS
RARE EXPORTS: A CHRISTMAS TALE isn’t your typical heartwarming holiday classic but a spooky, darkly comic, grim fairy tale rooted in ancient Scandinavian mythology. (When we first showed it last year, the audience lapped it up.) Set in northern Finland, this 2010 Finnish movie tells of a Santa found frozen in a block of ice who turns out to be more monster than merrymaker. With similarities to GREMLINS and THE THING, RARE EXPORTS has been called “the best anti-Christmas Christmas movie since BAD SANTA” (Village Voice). See it Thursday or Saturday. Print this email and present it at the box office and pay only $7 ($5 if you're a Cinematheque member); it's our Deal of the Week! (Limit two discount admissions per print-out)

Wm. Shatner plays rabble-rousing bigot in Roger Corman's racial drama THE INTRUDER
THE INTRUDER (1962), one of Roger Corman’s most serious and powerful movies, was also, reputedly, the only film of his to lose money on its initial release! William Shatner plays a rabble-rousing racist who shows up one day in a small Southern town to foment white hatred for blacks. He prods the citizenry to protest the forced integration of their schools. Frequent Twilight Zone writer Charles Beaumont wrote the screenplay for this movie that will be shown on Saturday only in a 35mm print courtesy of the Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences Film Archive. Screening courtesy of New Horizons Picture Corp. and May Haduong. Watch Roger Corman and William Shatner discuss the movie here.

Eight Noir Classics Coming in Jan-Feb
Eight classic American crime films from the 1940s & 1950s will screen between January 5 and February 23 in the series “Noir Town.”

Film noir (“black film”) is the term that French film critics used to describe the shadowy, cynical, sexually charged crime movies that filled U.S. screens in the wake of World War II. These movies, populated by killers, detectives, and femmes fatales, constitute one of the richest bodies of great movies in American cinema. Yet this wide-ranging genre has largely been reduced to just a handful of overshown titles: THE MALTESE FALCON, THE BIG SLEEP, DOUBLE INDEMNITY, LAURA, THE POSTMAN ALWAYS RINGS TWICE, SUNSET BOULEVARD, et al. All these are undeniably great films, but there are many other noir titles with stellar reputations that almost never get revived in theatres. “Noir Town” consists of eight such neglected classics, all in black and white film prints, all Cinematheque premieres. Humphrey Bogart won’t be seen in any of them, but moviegoers will see Rita Hayworth, James Cagney, Joan Crawford, Jack Palance, Edmond O’Brien, Robert Ryan, Gloria Grahame, John Garfield, Cornel Wilde, and Richard Conte, among others.

1/5 5:15pm GILDA
1/6 8:15pm GILDA
1/12 5:15pm WHITE HEAT
1/13 8:15pm WHITE HEAT
1/19 5:15pm SUDDEN FEAR
1/20 8:50pm SUDDEN FEAR
1/26 5:15pm D.O.A.
1/27 8:50pm D.O.A.
2/9 5:15pm LADY IN THE LAKE
2/10 8:40pm LADY IN THE LAKE
2/16 5:15pm FORCE OF EVIL
2/23 5:15pm THE BIG COMBO

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