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Blog . 6/23-25: Nostalgia For The Light, The Soft Skin & More!


6/23-25: Nostalgia For The Light, The Soft Skin & More!

06/21/11  |  Posted by Cinematheque  |  Posted in Cinematheque

Human, animal, vegetable, mineral -- all have their moment in the sun in poetic, unforgettable LE QUATTRO VOLTE Pythagoras' belief in reincarnation and the transmigration of the soul-from human to animal to vegetable to mineral-is eloquently expressed in Michelangelo Frammartino's singular 2010 film poem LE QUATTRO VOLTE (THE FOUR TIMES) . Set in a small mountain village in the southern Italian region of Calabria, this Italian film, which is devoid of dialogue, employs four conjoined chapters to delineate an ashes-to-ashes life cycle that, in this case, encompasses an elderly goatherd, one of his animals, a large tree, and a lot of charcoal. This strange, beautiful, sad, and startling movie (which was Cinematheque director John Ewing's favorite film at last year's Toronto Int'l Film Festival) also boasts deadpan sight gags worthy of Jacques Tati or Buster Keaton. A 2010 New York Film Festival selection, THE FOUR TIMES recently opened in London where The Financial Times gave it their highest rating (five stars), calling it "a masterpiece" and "overpoweringly lovable." You can watch it three times if you like -- on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday. Truffaut's little-known THE SOFT SKIN (1964) is near-Hitchcockian drama of infidelity THE SOFT SKIN (1964) is François Truffaut's little-known fourth feature (after THE 400 BLOWS, SHOOT THE PIANO PLAYER, and JULES AND JIM). It was also his first flop, so is now ripe for rediscovery and reappraisal. The movie tells of a married, middle-aged publisher, lecturer, and father who mucks up his successful life by having an affair with a much younger airline stewardess (Françoise Dorléac, Catherine Deneuve's sister, who died in a car crash in June 1967 at age 25). Truffaut's treatment of this story is not light and frothy but dark and suspenseful-almost Hitchcockian. (The New Yorker's Richard Brody calls it "a masterwork of erotic frenzy.") The fim boast cinematography by Raoul Coutard and music by Georges Delerue, both French New Wave masters. Here's a trailer. Catch THE SOFT SKIN, in a new 35mm scope print, on Friday or Saturday. Print this post and present it at the box office and pay only $5 ($5 if you're a Cinematheque member). It's our Deal of the Week! (Limit two discount admissions per print-out) NOSTALGIA FOR THE LIGHT scans the skies and scours the earth to solve some of the mysteries of life and death Winner of the 2010 European Film Award for Best Documentary, and boasting a 100% "fresh"rating (unanimous favorable reviews) on , NOSTALGIA FOR THE LIGHT , the new film by Chile's Patricio Guzmán (THE BATTLE OF CHILE, THE PINOCHET CASE, SALVADOR ALLENDE), is one of the essential art films of the year. The film is set 10,000 feet above sea level, in Chile's Atacama Desert, one of the driest places on earth. There astronomers gather to peer through the clear, star-filled sky to the boundaries of the observable universe, while nearby, elderly women comb the desert for bone fragments of relatives who disappeared during the brutal Pinochet regime. The result is a singular poetic/political/metaphysical masterpiece that Time Out New York called "a moving meditation on history, knowledge, and mortality." Sight & Sound described it as "an extraordinary film about the unknown and the unknowable," while The Nation found it "stunningly beautiful...I don't know how you can put more into a film, or make one that's more deeply moving." Don't miss it Thursday, Friday, or Saturday. Jerzy Skolimowski series opens on June 30 with the director's latest film, a pre-film talk, and a post-film reception Six movies by major contemporary Polish filmmaker Jerzy Skolimwoski will be shown between June 30 and July 17 at the Cinematheque. The series "Jerzy Skolimowski: Polish Films" consists of all six of the director's Polish-language films, which were made at both ends of his career-the first four as a recent film school grad in the 1960s, the last two (his most recent movies) as a veteran filmmaker who had lived and worked internationally for almost 40 years, returning to his native Poland just a few years ago after a 17-year hiatus as a film director. All six movies will be shown in 35mm film prints from Poland. Skolimowski (b. 1938) was a poet, jazz musician, and boxer who broke into Poland's film industry by co-writing and co-starring in Andrzej Wajda's 1960 film INNOCENT SORCERERS, a portrait of Poland's disaffected young people. Enrolling at the famed ?ód? Film School with Wajda's help, Skolimowski also co-wrote the screenplay for KNIFE IN THE WATER (1962), the first feature by schoolmate Roman Polanski. While at ?ód?, Skolimowski managed to direct four school film projects that became his first feature, IDENTIFICATION MARKS: NONE (1964), starring himself. This movie, with its stylized, subjective camera work and cynical attitude toward Poland's older generations, signaled the arrival of a bold, disenchanted new talent. Three other Polish features followed (he acted in two of those as well), but the last one, the anti-Stalinist dream play HANDS UP!, was banned by Polish authorities. (It stayed banned for 15 years!) This prompted Skolimowski to move to England, where he directed his two best-known works, DEEP END and MOONLIGHTING. Relocating to the U.S. a little later (where he lived for well over a decade), he continued to make non-Polish-language movies in various countries. But in 1991 he stopped directing altogether, although he continued acting in such films as David Cronenberg's EASTERN PROMISES (2007). Skolimowski's filmmaking moratorium lasted 17 years. In 2008 he returned to Poland and to make his first Polish-language Polish film since HANDS UP!, FOUR NIGHTS WITH ANNA, which was acclaimed at festivals around the world. His next film was also a Polish production, ESSENTIAL KILLING (2010), which stars Vincent Gallo and won Polish Film Awards for Best Film and Best Director. The Cinematheque series will open with showings of ESSENTIAL KILLING on June 30 and July 1. On June 30 the film will be introduced by Joanna Trzeciak, Assistant Professor in the department of Modern and Classical Language Studies at Kent State University, and followed by a reception (open to all ticket holders) organized by the Polish American Cultural Center. "Jerzy Skolimowski: Polish Films" is presented in collaboration with the Polish Cultural Institute in New York, the Museum of the Moving Image and Harvard Film Archive. Additional support comes from the Polish National Film Archive, the Polish Film Institute and Skopia Film. The Cleveland showing is presented with major support from Eugene J. Trela and The Cleveland Society of Poles, with additional support from the Polish American Cultural Center and Eugene Bak. Films This Week Thu., June 23, at 6:00 pm Fri., June 24, at 9:40 pm Sat., June 25, at 7:20 pm Exquisite Italian film poem LE QUATTRO VOLTE (THE FOUR TIMES) Thu., June 23, at 7:50 pm Fri., June 24, at 5:30 pm Sat., June 25, at 9:10 pm Meditation on cosmic mysteries NOSTALGIA FOR THE LIGHT Fri., June 24, at 7:20 pm Sat., June 25, at 5:00 pm Francois Truffaut's THE SOFT SKIN Films Next Week Thu., June 30, at 5:30 pm Sat., July 2, at 5:30 pm PERMANENT VACATION Thu., June 30, at 7:00 pm Fri., July 1, at 9:55 pm ESSENTIAL KILLING Pre-film talk and post-film reception on June 30! Fri., July 1, at 5:30 pm Sat., July 2, at 7:05 pm QUEEN TO PLAY Fri, July 1, at 7:30 pm Sat., July 2, at 9:05 pm 13 ASSASSINS The Cinematheque The Cleveland Institute of Art 11141 East Boulevard Cleveland, OH 44106 Phone: (216) 421-7450

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