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Blog . 10/14-17: Winnebago Man, Birdemic, Thundercrack!, Two Ohio Filmmakers And More!


10/14-17: Winnebago Man, Birdemic, Thundercrack!, Two Ohio Filmmakers And More!

10/12/10  |  Posted by Cinematheque  |  Posted in Cinematheque

WINNEBAGO MAN Jack Rebney is "angriest man in the world" (and one of the funniest!) In the summer of 1988 Jack Rebney, an RV pitchman, taped a sales video for Winnebago dealers. The two-week shoot in hot, bug-infested Iowa did not always go smoothly and Rebney was not a happy camper. Outtakes containing his many hilarious, profanity-laced tirades were circulated on private videotapes and eventually went viral on the internet, where Rebney became an underground movie star. In WINNEBAGO MAN , young filmmaker Ben Steinbauer searches out "The Angriest Man in the World" and finds him living alone in the California mountains, unaware of his inadvertent fame. Michael Moore calls this "one of the funniest documentaries ever made," and you can see it Saturday or Sunday. NIGHTOWLS OF COVENTRY is fond look back at Cleveland's "Greenwich Village" THE NIGHTOWLS OF COVENTRY is a locally-shot, 2004 comedy-drama written and directed by one of Cleveland's most prominent filmmakers, Laura Paglin. It takes place in a 24-hour Jewish deli on Coventry Road in 1973. As a new waitress tries to learn the ropes, the eatery's owner and the elderly regulars must adjust to an influx of hippies and bikers in the changing neighborhood. Laura Paglin will answer audience questions after Friday night's screening. NIGHTOWLS OF COVENTRY is fond look back at Cleveland's "Greenwich Village" Proving "that (Michelangelo) Antonioni's greatness did not begin with L'AVVENTURA " (The Holt Foreign Film Guide), LE AMICHE (THE GIRLFRIENDS) (1955) was the pivotal fourth feature by Italy's modernist maestro. The film, often cited as the director's first masterpiece, follows a Rome fashion designer as she returns to her Turin hometown to open a salon. There she becomes involved in a circle of socialites and enmeshed in their assorted emotional problems. See the movie in a new, fully-restored 35mm print this Friday or Saturday. Meet Ohio's greatest filmmaker Richard Myers at screening of MONSTERSHOW Despite being northeast Ohio's most acclaimed and widely-shown filmmaker for over 40 years-with nine features, a host of major awards, screenings from coast to coast, and acclaim from the likes of Pauline Kael and Roger Ebert-former Kent State University professor Richard Myers remains largely unknown in the region he still calls home. 1996's MONSTERSHOW is the last feature Myers shot on 16mm film, and like almost all of the others, it was inspired by dreams, memories, and movies. Focusing on a barker and a traveling show (captured at various northeast Ohio locations), this allusive, free-associating movie is a mash-up of scenes and reenactments from three classic horror films-FRANKENSTEIN, DRACULA, and DR. JEKYLL AND MR. HYDE-which are deftly integrated with shots from Myers' never-completed first film, a Frankenstein story he made as a child. Richard Myers will answer audience questions after Thursday's showing. You can meet Myers and see his movie for only $6 ($5 if you're a Cinematheque member) by printing out this email and presenting it at the box office. It's our Deal of the Week! (Limit 2 discount admissions per print-out) Scandalous 1970s underground classic THUNDERCRACK! receives rare screening Banned in England and never officially released on DVD in America, Curt McDowell's 1975 THUNDERCRACK! is one of the most notorious independent American films of the 1970s. Co-written by legendary underground filmmaker George Kuchar (who also co-stars in the movie and whose poverty-row aesthetic informs the tacky look and campy acting in this overripe melodrama), the film is essentially a porno, gross-out, "old dark house" thriller in which various travelers seeking shelter from a thunderstorm in a ramshackle house proceed to get it on with the other guests in an amazing array of straight and gay combinations. Released theatrically at 120 minutes, we will show the original, uncut version, almost 32 minutes longer. It plays Sunday night only. Variety said THUNDERCRACK! "suggests Russ Meyer trying to do a Tennessee Williams subject." Special admission is $12, members and CIA students & staff $8. No one under 18 will be admitted. BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR. And ineptitude and hilarity James Nguyen's 2008 eco-horror film BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR is as funny as the equally inept THE ROOM, but not as well known. (Just give it some time.) Earnest, self-taught filmmaker James Nguyen, a Vietnamese-American software salesman, channels Hitchcock-and not very well-to tell his story of how a mass of dive-bombing vultures and eagles launch an inexplicable attack on northern California. Nguyen's crude special effects may have set back the art of CGI 30 years! Birders can watch it Saturday night. Art-sex movie DESTRICTED to show on 11/1 On Monday, November 1 -- the day after the last film listed in our Sept-Oct calendar -- we will show the following movie at 7:30 pm.DESTRICTED Britain/USA, 2006, various directors Art, pornography, or both? DESTRICTED is an international project in which accomplished film and visual artists are commissioned to make new short films about sex or sexuality. Eleven movies have been produced under the DESTRICTED "brand" to date, and we will present six of them tonight, including lauded/lambasted new works by Larry Clark and Gaspar Noé. DESTRICTED has screened at Sundance and Cannes, and the films range from explicit and stimulating to humorous or just plain strange. All are definitely for adults only, and no one under 18 will be admitted. Program includes: Richard Prince's House Call, Cecily Brown's Four Letter Heaven, Marina Abramovic's Balkan Erotic Epic, Larry Clark's Impaled, Marco Brambilla's Sync, and Gaspar Noé's We F*** Alone. "The best sex you can have with your clothes on." –GQ. Cleveland premiere. DVD. 91 min. And don't forget that we will show the 2008 Swedish vampire movie LET THE RIGHT ONE IN in the "To Be Announced" slot on Fri., Oct. 29 at 9:15 pm. Films This Week Thu., Oct. 14, at 7:00 pm Ohio filmmaker Richard Myers in person! MONSTERSHOW Fri., Oct. 15, at 7:30 pm Sat., Oct. 16, at 5:15 pm Antonioni's LE AMICHE (THE GIRLFRIENDS) Fri., Oct. 15, at 9:35 pm Cleveland filmmaker Laura Paglin in person! THE NIGHTOWLS OF COVENTRY Sat., Oct. 16, at 7:20 pm Sun., Oct. 17, at 5:15 pm From YouTube to the big screen! WINNEBAGO MAN Sat., Oct. 16, at 9:05 pm Back by Popular Demand! So bad it's great! BIRDEMIC: SHOCK AND TERROR Sun., Oct. 17, at 7:00 pm 1970s underground sensation THUNDERCRACK! $12; members/CIA $8 No one under 18 admitted! Films Next Week Fri., Oct. 22, at 7:30 pm Sat., Oct. 23, at 8:45 pm Sun., Oct. 24, at 8:00 pm VAHALLA RISING Fri., Oct. 22, at 9:25 pm Sat., Oct. 23, at 7:10 pm ALAMAR Sat., Oct. 23, at 5:15 pm Sun., Oct. 24, at 4:00 pm HOLIDAY Sun., Oct. 24, at 6:30 pm THE SAVAGE EYE Mon., Oct. 25, at 7:00 pm CIA President Grafton Nunes introduces MY DARLING CLEMENTINE The Cinematheque The Cleveland Institute of Art 11141 East Boulevard Cleveland, OH 44106 Phone: (216) 421-7450

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