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Story: Jan 09, 2015

Time-lapse video shows completion of major construction on n...

View details 35th Annual Scholastic Art & Writing Exhibition

CIA Exhibition: Jan 15, 2015

35th Annual Scholastic Art & Writing Exhibition

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Story: Jan 08, 2015

Recognition, milestones were highlights of 2014 for CIA

View details CIA Freshman Mail Art at MOCA

Events: Jan 19, 2015 @ Museum of Contemporary Art Cleveland in Cleveland, OH

CIA Freshman Mail Art at MOCA

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Social: a day ago via Facebook

This weekend, enjoy a winter wonderland and some very cool student work from Associate Professor Kevin Kautenburger’s fall semester course, Community Works: Env...

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Story: Dec 23, 2014

Printmaking project links students with seniors and their st...

View details 69th Annual Student Independent Exhibition

CIA Exhibition: Feb 13, 2015

69th Annual Student Independent Exhibition

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Story: Nov 03, 2014

CIA video shows off new Uptown Residence Hall

View details CIA Campus Connection: Presidents' Day

Events: Feb 16, 2015

CIA Campus Connection: Presidents' Day

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Story: Aug 18, 2014

CIA again named to "Best in the Midwest" list

Blog . 4/22-25: The Bicycle Thief, In The Mood For Love, One-eyed Jacks & More!


4/22-25: The Bicycle Thief, In The Mood For Love, One-eyed Jacks & More!

04/20/10  |  Posted by Cinematheque  |  Posted in Cinematheque

Wong Kar-wai's IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE is an exquisite, bittersweet 1960s love story Voted best film of the past decade by the film writers for Time Out London, Wong Kar-wai's 2000 masterpiece IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE is a spellbinding love story suffused with romantic melancholy. Set in 1962 Hong Kong, it follows a lonely married man (Tony Leung) and an equally lonely married woman (Maggie Cheung), both living in the same crowded apartment building, who begin a chaste affair after deducing that their oft-absent spouses are lovers. Certainly one of the most beautiful movies of recent years! Don't miss it Thursday or Friday. Think your kid is amazing? See RICKY... RICKY is a unique new French film from the versatile François Ozon (Swimming Pool, 8 Women). It's a high-flying parable in which an ordinary woman and an ordinary man produce an extraordinary child. How extraordinary is Ricky? Just watch the trailer and see the movie on Saturday or Sunday. Bloody funny: A FILM WITH ME IN IT The darkly funny Irish comedy A FILM WITH ME IN IT tells of a desperate, out-of-work actor whose last best hope for fame is that his aspiring-filmmaker friend will write a game-changing script for him. But first this tyro Tarantino must kick his booze and gambling habits, while Brando Jr. must deal with an unprecedented series of bizarre accidental deaths-and a growing pile of corpses-in his ramshackle apartment. Here's the trailer for this movie that The New York Times called "a slender, supple comedy graced with appealing performers." Watch it and then print this post and present it at the box office on Thursday or Friday to see the complete movie for only $6 ($5 if you're a Cinematheque member). It's our Deal of the Week! (Limit two discount admissions per print-out) Vittorio De Sica's THE BICYCLE THIEF is the pinnacle of postwar Italian neorealism A poor, desperate Italian man scours Rome with his young son in search of his stolen bicycle, which he needs for his job. That's the simple premise of Vittorio De Sica's 1948 classic THE BICYCLE THIEF , "the most universally praised movie on earth since WWII," according to J. Hoberman of The Village Voice. Shot on location in postwar Italy with non-professional actors, the film is the heart-wrenching summit of Italian neorealism. See it in a new 35mm print this Saturday or Sunday. Brando directs Brando in ONE-EYED JACKS The 1961 Western epic ONE-EYED JACKS is the only movie Marlon Brando ever directed (taking over from Stanley Kubrick). It follows a brooding outlaw (Brando) who seeks revenge on his old partner in crime (Karl Malden), now a respectable lawman and family man. Shot in VistaVision on California's Monterey coast, the film co-stars Slim Pickens, Timothy Carey, Ben Johnson, Katy Jurado, and Elisha Cook, Jr. See it Saturday or Sunday in an original three-strip Techicolor print -- the kind they stopped making in Hollywood in the early 1970s! Films This Week Thu., April 22, at 6:45 pm Fri., April 23, at 9:30 pm A FILM WITH ME IN IT Thu., April 22, at 8:35 pm Fri., April 23, at 7:30 pm IN THE MOOD FOR LOVE Sat., April 24, at 5:15 pm Sun., April 25, at 4:00 pm THE BICYCLE THIEF Sat., April 24, at 7:10 pm Sun., April 15, at 9:10 pm RICKY Sat., April 24, at 9:00 pm Sun., April 25, at 6:30 pm ONE-EYED JACKS Films Next Week Thu., April 29, at 6:45 pm Fri., April 30, at 9:15 pm SWEETGRASS Thu., April 29, at 8:45 pm Fri., April 30, at 7:30 pm GIGANTE Sat., May 1, at 5:15 pm Sun., May 2, at 4:00 pm MAKE WAY FOR TOMORROW Sat., May 1, at 7:10 pm Sun., May 2, at 8:55 pm CREATION Sat., May 1, at 9:20 pm Sun., May 2, at 6:30 pm NORTH FACE The Cinematheque The Cleveland Institute of Art 11141 East Boulevard Cleveland, OH 44106 Phone: (216) 421-7450

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Student work on view at Look About Lodge in the Cleveland Metroparks South Chagrin reservation this weekend, 12-4pm.

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