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Glass Courses

Glass Forming Survey: An Introduction

Course No. GLS 243  Credits: 3.0

The focus of this class is to develop an understanding of how glass as a material works, and how one might use it to realize ideas of design and sculpture. This class will be an introduction to the fundamental techniques of glass working. This will include glassblowing and hot shaping, glass fusing and casting, flameworking, glue fabrication, and grinding, polishing and finishing processes. No previous experience necessary. Course fee required. May be repeated. Required of all second-year Glass majors.

Glass: Concept, Theory + Practice

Course No. GLS 343-443  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Intro/Intermediate Hot Glassblowing & Forming Processes

Assignments given at all levels 300 and above. Includes research and development of concepts using glass as a media for expression. Practice in hot glass working, further advancing fundamentals of blowing off-hand to more advanced techniques surface decoration of vessels and use of hot glass for sculptural ideas. Cold joining using special adhesives; and in cold glass, cutting, grinding and finishing techniques. Emphasis on hot glass in the fall; casting and cold glass in the spring. Safety and general studio operation. Enrollment priority to Glass majors, intermediate and advanced electives first. Course fee required.

Glass: Internship (EP)

Course No. GLS 399-499  Credits: 0.0

Elective credit can be given on a case-by-case basis for an internship developed by student through the Career Center office, with advance permission of instructor and department chair.

Glass: Major Day

Course No. GLS 243M-343M-443M  Credits: 3.0
Prerequisite(s) Intro/Intermediate Hot Glassblowing & Forming Processes

Required of all Glass majors. Assignments will be given at 200 and 300; independently guided study at 400 level. Research in developing concepts using glass as a medium for expression, includes work on production practices, one-of-a-kind vessel making to the use of glass to complete sculptural ideas. Assignments will build individual student’s voice. Team approach emphasized in hot shop, building on and from basic working fundamentals. Majors learn and are assigned responsibilities in studio operation. Safety in the studio. Beginning and advanced practice in alternative methods for forming include casting, mold construction, cold joining, and cold glass techniques. Students will be involved with practical experience in applying to shows and exhibiting works. Enrollment priority to Glass majors, advanced electives with one semester of hot glass. Course fee required.

Intro Warm Glass + Lampworking Processes

Course No. GLS 255-355-455  Credits: 3.0

This course will introduce students to the possibilities of glass working through an investigation of the techniques, tools, equipment and materials involved in flame working and kiln working processes. Warm glass refers to glass processes conducted with heat, but at temperatures under 1500 degrees (casting, fusing, slumping). Students will learn to problem solve glass construction both at the torch and in the kiln. This class will allow students to familiarize themselves with glass as a material, while allowing each student to explore their own artistic voice within the medium. Students will learn to safely manipulate and sculpt molten glass at the torch. The kiln-working aspect of the course will explore moldmaking and kiln operations to manipulate glass into two- and three-dimensional glass objects. Course fee required.

Intro/Intermediate Hot Glassblowing & Forming Processes

Course No. GLS 243H-343H-443H  Credits: 3.0

Emphasis on starting with glass as a molten liquid. Practice in traditional and nontraditional blowing techniques. Colored glass application and use of various hand tools and torches. Hot glass skill development at your level. Theory and use of annealing kilns, safety in the studio. Open to any skill level. Course fee required.

Serial Painting and Drawing

Course No. CDE 200  Credits: 3.0
Faculty Kathy Buszkiewicz

Students focus on the creative process and material studies across the craft majors. From inspiration to the production of multiples, each major explores design and making through their respective mediums as well as other materials. The sophomores in the Craft + Design environment address common themes while working in their respective major: Ceramics, Glass, and Jewelry + Metals. The course affords the integration of skills and knowledge from Foundation including drawing, design, color, digital synthesis, and collaboration, with the practices related to the full scope of the Craft + Design major programs. Offered fall.

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Seth Nagelberg

Seth Nagelberg

Associate Professor/Chair of Ceramics/Chair of Glass

Seth Nagelberg is an artist and designer working primarily in clay. In 2015 Nagelberg published his first book...more

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