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Spring workshops

Focus on integration of art and other curricular fields, including science, technology, engineering and mathematics.

Check back for a listing of spring workshops!

Past workshops:

The Art and Science of Felting

Instructor: Adriel Meyer

Get felt up with this introduction to felting! In this workshop you will learn the science behind felting and how we can use that science to our advantage. We will look at ways it was used historically and how we use it artistically today. Each teacher will learn a few different wet felting techniques that are simple enough to use in the classroom.

Press-less Printing through Paper Lithography

Instructor: Corrie Slawson

“Litho” derives meaning from the Greek word for stone, (Lithography means “stone-graphic”). While traditional stone lithography produces inimitable marks, stones, and the presses needed to print them, can make this medium hard to access. In this workshop, we will take the press out of the printing while following the basic chemical properties of traditional lithography- that oil and water don’t mix. Paper-plate lithography gives artists and teachers flexibility to transfer both photographically produced and drawn images using archival inks without needing a press, or even a shop! We will explore the many possibilities that this technique can offer and ask teachers to bring their own experimentation to the medium.

Clay Chemistry: Surface Techniques for the Classroom

Instructor: Lynne Lofton

The mystery of the process of clay can be an ongoing investigation for teachers and students. It is a complete cycle of transformation, from the raw, malleable earth material formed into an object with our hands, then subjected to heat to convert it to a more durable stage ready to be glazed and fired a second time.

This workshop will cover many new and different approaches to surface embellishment techniques using readily available commercial ceramic products (underglazes, glazes, decals) to create rich and interesting textures. The instructor will demonstrate slip trailing, sgraffito, burnishing, stamping, carving, mono printing, and faceting and more. Participants will create tiles, and small hand built objects, to experiment with these concepts. There will also be a discussion offering new project ideas for the classroom which can be easily adapted for grades K-12.

Paper Tessellations, Corrugations and Spirals

Instructor: James W. Peake

Delve into the geometric realm of paper folding with this introductory class on origami tessellations, corrugations and spirals. Somewhat different from traditional, representational origami, these styles focus instead on visual elements such as repeating patterns, interlocking shapes, and curving pleats which create interesting and amazing forms out of paper. These sorts of eye-catching origami leave viewers feeling amazed by what can be accomplished with a single sheet of paper. What’s more, these styles also lend themselves well to discussions on mathematics, geometry, engineering and more.

In this workshop, professional ‘origamist’ James W. Peake will teach students how to fold a series of approachable and accessible geometric origami models, while also presenting on connections to classroom curriculum. Project ideas will be shared with many opportunities for group discussion. No experience required!

Where Analog meets Digital: Cyanotype Photography

Instructor: Amber N. Ford

Learn how to make a cyanotype prints using digital negatives created in Adobe Photoshop and using found objects. Cyanotype is a contact print process using a paper which is sensitive to UV light, so it can be done in any setting from a kitchen to a science lab. Teachers may bring a point-and-shoot digital camera, and should wear clothes they don’t mind getting dirty. No photography or Photoshop experience is necessary. The instructor will hand out a step-by-step packet including how-to instructions, materials used, and where they can be purchased. Walk away with fresh ideas on how to incorporate the original blueprint into your syllabus.

Spring teacher workshops

When: Saturday, April 21 2018
Who: K-12 Instructors, any subject!

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